The biggest drawback of remote work is the distance. Homa is a human-first happiness platform that uses data to turn distributed teams into tight-knit ones.
Bringing remote team together
How it works
Thrive. Homa is your cool company campus. Remote
Homa has all your team could ask for: digital parties, meditations, team swag. We'll guide your thru, don't worry.
Track. Homa lets you know what's up
We made a special pulse survey, it's free. We'll show you who's at risk and needs special care, and who's your up-and-coming rockstar.
Nurture. Homa has a soul. Literally
We have real human agents, culture designers and HRs aiding you wherever.
Why Homa?
Distributed teams are the new reality, but most companies don’t yet have the right tools to support them.
Homa takes the guesswork out of remote work
We’ve been studying, managing, and empowering remote teams for over a decade. We’ve learned what it takes to help remote teams succeed.
We’re remote-work experts
Focus on what you do best: building a startup. Homa will handle your team’s culture health and happiness like no other tool.
Leave the legwork to us
Understanding the data in Homa’s Team Culture Tracking
You’ll learn
What your team really feels, thinks, and needs
How to help struggling team members
How to further support and retain satisfied team members
We’ll help
Perform TCT
Enhance or expand on what
you’re already doing right
Help you decide what to change,
based on the data
Your team will
Have a voice that they know is being heard
Feel connected and supported
Get access to everything they need to stay happy and stay with you
Your team is the key to your startup’s success, and Homa is the key to your team
I’m a firm believer that team and culture is what makes a top notch startup. Great teams laugh together and love what they’re doing — and Homa makes it come true for Replika! Homa took all the mundane, helped me build strong fellowship within company, and, essentially, turn my team into A-team.

Homa helps foster freedom and bias for action in my people, and does it exceptionally well.
Founder & CEO at
Eugenia Kuyda
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